The Best in Ottawa Roofing

Why Choose Tegano Roofing?

Tegano Roofing is a fully insured roofing company dedicated to providing quality workmanship and roofing materials to the customers of the Ottawa area, helping to preserve, or rather improve, the asset that is your home. This is why our promise to you is so boldly stated as, 'To Last & Protect'.

In fact, we are so confident in the quality of their roofing that they have a standard company warranty of:
'10 Years Guaranteed on the Workmanship of Your Roof'.
When combined with the available shingle manufacturer warranties, this makes for quite a valuable service offering – one which will leave you with peace-of-mind over (or rather under) your roof well into the future.

Certifications, Warrantees & Standards

Tegano Roofing meets the City and Provincial Safety Standard, is fully-ensured, and always ensures a safe workplace for its workers by using the necessary harness equipment.

As a certified installer of Timberline shingles by GAF, we are able to offer our customers the following warranties for the GAF brand of shingles:
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on GAF-installed shingles for detached residences.
  • 40-year Warranty on GAF-installed shingles for all other types of buildings.
We also offer the following roofing warranty for our own services:
  • 10-year warrantee on our workmanship for any brand of shingles.
Click here for a free estimate of your home roofing project, or call us at 613-224-1918.