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Signs of Roof Damage in Ottawa

Identifying Roof Damage from Wind, Sun, Snow, Age & More

With over 45 years' experience in roofing in Ottawa, you would be right to assume that we have seen our fair share of roof problems. It’s this experience that has made us experts at diagnosing and repairing roof damage specific to the Ottawa area. Understanding the region and its weather tendencies is just as important as identifying roof wear and tear, as it is nature’s elements that cause the most damage.

Here are some of the common problems for roofs in Ottawa, along with their diagnosis and solution.

Missing, cracked, or curling shingles   Problem: missing, cracked, or curling shingles.
Diagnosis: the shingles may have reached their useful life, now becoming tired and unresisting to the elements.

Solution: replace the roof, or at least the damaged section of the roof.
Roof shingle, sheathing or siding is decaying Problem: roof shingle, sheathing or siding is decaying. You may also notice the blistering or peeling of paint from roof siding.
Diagnosis: poor ventilation in the attic can cause this problem. Without air circulation through the attic, the roof cannot cool down and essentially bakes under the sun.

Solution: install a roof vent and replace damaged shingles and underlying materials if necessary.
Dark or dirty-looking spots on the roof Problem: Dark or dirty-looking spots on the roof.
Diagnosis: this can be a sign of environmental pollutants, vegetation, fungus, or algae growth, which is usually due to the shingles losing their ‘granules’ with age.

Solution: replace or repair the section of the roof. This problem will usually entail repairing underlying parts of the roof, as there may also be rotten plywood or structural carpentry.
Water leaking from roof into the attic Problem: water leaking from roof into the attic. You may also see stains on the ceiling from below the attic.
Diagnosis: shingles are leaking or have not been underlaid properly, and/or the flashing is deteriorating.

Solution: shingles will need to be uplifted to find the leak. Repairs will likely be needed to the carpentry, wherein new shingles and flashing can then be installed.
Excessive energy costs Problem: excessive energy costs.
Diagnosis: insufficient attic ventilation causes your heating and cooling systems to run excessively.

Solution: install a roof vent and/or other ventilation to the attic and repair any damaged shingles.
Excessive weight of snow on the roof Problem: excessive weight of snow on the roof. You may find it difficult to open/close some doors in the house.
Diagnosis: when your roof is not properly ventilated, it heats up easily. When there is snow on the roof, it melts near the middle where it's warmer, only to drip down to the edges where it freezes again as it gets cooler. This creates a dam effect near the edges of the roof, allowing snow to build up over the middle – thus adding excessive weight to the center of the roof.

Solution: call us and we’ll remove the snow and ice, and if possible at the time we can install a ventilation system or whatever else is needed to fix the problem.
If you think you might be experiencing one of the above roof damage symptoms or even one not mentioned here, read more about our roof repair services or contact us by using our online quote request or direct line at 613-224-1918.