Ottawa's Premier Roofing Company Since 1967

Tegano Roofing Family History

Tegano Roofing Ltd. - Family portrait
45 years ago, a man named Joe Tegano emigrated from Italy to Ottawa, Canada. Being new to the country and the language but striving to do well, he soon found work with a local roofing company.

Joe Tegano was determined to make the best for himself and his family in Ottawa, and was quickly promoted to foreman for his exceptional skills and inspiring work ethic. He spent a few more years with the roofing company, honing his knowledge and skills of the roofing industry in Ottawa to the point that he was self-capable of doing it all on his own.

So, wanting more of a challenge in his work and aspiring to the rewards of owning his own business, Joe Tegano set off in 1967 to start what is now the second-oldest roofing company in Ottawa – Tegano Roofing.

Joe's two sons, John and Tony, quickly appeared on the scene to help their father with the business. Having developed a respectable knowledge of roofing best practices and skills since an early age, in 1991, Joe decided that his sons were ready and more than capable of taking over the business that he was so passionate about.

So that year, John and Tony proudly took over the family business of Tegano Roofing, carrying on everything their father had taught them about not just quality roofing services – but also about customer service, honesty, and integrity.

Tegano Roofing Today

Today, John and Tony have successfully grown Tegano Roofing to 10 permanent roofers who install, repair, and replace both residential and commercial roofs all across Ottawa. And now and then Joe will still come out to see how they're doing.

Tegano Roofing is proud to give back to its Ottawa community by sponsoring charity marathon runners for prostate cancer and multiple sclerosis. In fact, John Tegano himself is one of those runners. They also lend their support to children in the community by sponsoring hockey, softball, and soccer teams, and have even assisted their local neighborhood in acquiring a much-needed playground.