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Ottawa Commercial Roofing Services

Flat Roofing Installation

Tegano Roofing also specializes in smaller scale, commercial flat roofing projects. Our team of expert roofers work closely with your company, assuring all standards, requirements, and schedules are met on time and on budget. We also conduct our roofing with minimal disturbance to the operations of your facility and business.

Our commercial roofing services / materials include:
  • Membrane roofing (peel and stick).
  • As well as flat roof ventilation and lighting systems.
We have roofed a wide variety of commercial buildings in the Ottawa area, including the Public Works and Government Services Canada. We offer our roofing services to small and medium-sized facilities, whether sloped or flat-roofed, including:
  • Schools and community buildings.
  • Industrial complexes (warehouses).
  • Malls, plazas, and box stores.
  • Government buildings.
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Flat Roofing Repair

45 years and counting of roofing has seen us through a great deal of commercial flat roof repairs. Typically, leaking commercial roofs are a difficult problem to diagnose in terms of identifying the spot of failure (the leak). This is because there are many layers to a commercial building's roof, where the water can move around between these layers, making it hard to identify where the leak is actually coming from.

However, our experience, training, and intuition from two generations of roofing allow us to accurately assess any problem. So after a thorough inspection, we diagnose the problem at hand and recommend your best alternatives for repairing the roof. Once we have decided together on the solution, our team will professionally and effectively implement the roofing repair, restoring your business and building back to normal working order.

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